Open access session costs:

£25.00 half day: screen or relief 

£40.00 full day: screen or relief 

£17.50 half day: letterpress

£30.00 full day: letterpress


Although you do not have to be a member to use the workshop (ie there are no membership fees unless you want to be a keyholder) please note that customers can only work unsupervised in the workshop if they are fully competent in their chosen medium. 

Although someone is on hand to assist they are not there to teach. So if you feel that you are a bit rusty or have not done much printing before, it is advisable to book an induction session, or onto one of our courses to familiarise yourself with the machinery and the workshop facilities before you come on your own.

Induction sessions cost £85.00 and usually take about three hours. You can print an A3 2 colour print of your design during the session. Please phone 01273 691496  or email [email protected] to make a mutually convenient booking.

For experienced and committed printmakers there is a keyholder membership which allows the keyholder access to the studio outside of normal hours. Sessions or days still have to be booked (for insurance reasons) and keyholders need to be mindful that there are regular courses that run on some evenings and weekends. Keyholders have to be able to work unsupervised and leave the studio clean and secure after they have finished. Unlike normal users keyholders can leave their work in our plans chest and supplies on one of the shelves here. They can also leave a few of their own screens here. 

Keyholder membership costs £125.00 per month by direct debit and is for a minimum of 6 months at a time.

For individual projects the studio can be booked for a month at a time as a keyholder. This costs £200.00 for a months access.

Hiring screens for use in the studio:

Screens suitable for printing from A3 to A1, can be booked for use at the studio for a maximium of three weeks.

A charge is made each time that you coat expose and clean a screen, depending on the size. This is to cover wear and tear on the screens, exposure and cleaning equipment and also pay for the photo-emulsion and the cleaning materials. For example:  To coat, expose print and clean an A2+ screen suitable for printing 2/3 A3 images costs £12.00.

Screen preparation service:

If you dont want to make your own screens they can be pre-booked for use in the studio and made up for you in advance.

Please allow a couple of days turnaround for screen prep. once we have received your artwork.

Preparation service includes screen hire, coating and exposing the screen and reclaiming the screen afterwards.

For example: prices for screens suitable for use on paper:

Image size: SMALL  (up to A3) £14.00

Image Size: MEDIUM  (up to A2) £20.00

Image size: LARGE  (up to A1) £40.00

Image size: EXTRA L  (up to A0)                £60.00

We have a range of screens for hire at ink Spot

from A4 - A0,  in mesh counts from 43T - 90T.

Coarser screens suitable for textile printing cost a little more to hire and coat (they use a lot more photoemulsion and cleaning materials)

Image size: SMALL  (up to A3) £18.00

Image Size: MEDIUM  (up to A2) £25.00

Image size: LARGE  (up to A1) £35.00

Image size: EXTRA L  (up to A0)                £70.00

Screen preparation service for people who print outside of the studio:

Please Note, personal use of the screen exposure unit is reserved for those who use our studio to print their work. 

It is not possible to book a session solely to coat and expose your own screens for use outside of the studio.

Please allow a couple of days turnaround for the screen making service once we have received the artwork and screens.

The service includes removing any previous stencil and ink residue and exposing the new image on to the screen.

Screens for use on paper:

SMALL SCREENS      (up to A3) £20.00

MEDIUM SCREENS   (up to A2) £30.00

LARGE SCREENS      (up to A1) £45.00

EXTRA LARGE           (up to A0) £70.00

Screens for use on fabric:

SMALL SCREENS      (up to A3) £22.00
MEDIUM SCREENS   (up to A2) £40.00
LARGE SCREENS      (uo to A1)  £60.00
EXTRA LARGE           (up to A0) £75.00

If the screen requires extra strong cleaning agents (such as caustic paste to remove ink residues) we will let you know in advance since this might cost a little extra.


We can print out the positives for you or you can supply your own.

If you supply your own they need to be high contrast, either digitally (at 300 dpi) or hand produced, on acetate film, OHP film, drafting film, tracing paper or mark resist. Tonal images should be in halftone ( max 65lpi) or diffusion dither bitmap (max 160 dpi) to create exposable images (unless it has been hand painted onto mark resist).

Artwork will need to be checked for suitability before screen preparation begins.

We have facilities for printing digital positives up to A1 at the studio, at these prices:

A3 laser film. £2.00

A3+ inkjet positive £3.50

larger positives are printed on a large format inkjet printer and cost £18.00 per metre. The film is 60cm wide so smaller images can be tiled or printed horizontally to save film. Please allow a 5ml gap at each end (ie. 59cm wide max)

Artwork needs to be prepared and print ready before being sent to us. Extra work that needs to be done on artwork will be charged at £30.00 per hour.

Please make sure that your artwork is saved as a grayscale or bitmap file. and sent as a PDF, Jpeg, or Tiff. 300dpi is standard unless its a diffusion dither bitmap.

We also offer:

One to one photoshop or Illustrator training at £35.00 per hour.

Useful for those who are not familiar with either program and would like to understand more about making high contrast positives, colour separations and layers suitable for print.

A bespoke, cost effective print editioning service.

In collaboration with Andy White at Handprint, Inkspot can provide an unparalleled level of expertise, screenprinting editions in either water or oil based inks on to all manner of things. Paper and board, wood, vinyl, metal, fabrics, including T shirts, totes, and T towels.

Contact the studio to book any of these services:

Phone:  01273 691496

Email:  [email protected]